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Company History

Breckenridge Computers was founded in 1999 to provide high-quality computer products and services to home computer users and businesses in the Lincoln, Omaha, and Council Bluffs Metropolitan area.

We are a team of highly skilled and experienced Information Technology professionals that are here for you.

Our Staff has 10+ years experience working on computers in the local area.  But, it's not computers that matter.  People matter.

We will handle all the hardware, software, web, and networking needs of your personal or business computers.  We will make your system work, period. That's our promise to you!

Troy Hough          



Our Goals

Help you Learn...

Help you Understand...
everything you want.
Help you Make the Most...
of your personal computer.
Help you Alleviate Fears...
 regarding your personal computer.
Help you Reap the Benefits...
of being a personal computer owner.


Your computer(s) will work
You will be happy.



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