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                         Telephone Support:

When you have no time to waste and really need a human voice to help you through the technical confusion, call 402-730-0811 and connect immediately with a Technical Support Professional.  Our professional, certified staff will help you through any variety of technical troubles.  A credit card is required for this service.

                Hardware / Software Support:

Would you like the freedom to have internet access throughout your home or office, but do not want unwanted intruders to invade on your network?  We have the experience and expertise to make this dream a reality.  We use nothing but top-notch equipment to get your area covered so your network connection is rock solid, as well as safe and secure.  Be able to print from any computer, as well as access files on any computer on your network!

Upgrades, install, or troubleshoot application software, operating systems, motherboards, system bios, hard drives, RAM, video cards, CD/DVD drives, sound cards, printers, scanners, projectors, monitors, processors, power supplies, floppy drives, mice, cameras, networking hardware, cabling, etc.

Home Video (VHS or 8mm) to DVD transfer and CD / DVD Duplication.

Recover Deleted Files!

We provide complete hardware and software solutions to our customers.  Contact us for any and all of your hardware and software needs!

                      Web and E-Commerce:
We provide a complete line of web services including design, development, hosting, and maintenance.  We can also submit your web site to all of the major search engines.  Additional related services include digital photography, digital editing and original graphic art. 

When it comes to training, Breckenridge Computers beats the competitors hands down.  Why? We are not only capable computer professionals, but we excel in providing our knowledge in a way that you can understand.  Everyone is not computer knowledgeable.  We will make sure you know everything that you need or want to know. 


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